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"A must see show - Absolutely Amazing"

Pete Cronshaw
Investigative reporter 20/20

Magic Of The Mind


After becoming a single parent and having a year off Tony is back doing what he does best with new routines and a slick fast paced show that can be tailored to suit your audiences age and genre.

The Hypnoguy is astounding and entertaining audiences of all ages - from the staunchest of nanas through to the most uptight teenagers and adults. They are all finding non stop humour and surprises. It's truly the 'must go to' show of the year.

"I was literally 'rolling in the aisles' - I laughed so hard and for so long, it hurt!" Abby Salter - Kerikeri

The show is never quite the same as 'The Hypnoguy' adapts every performance to the situation and the audience. He is compassionate and mindful of work and personal relationships and avoids distasteful scenes - but beware; 'The Hypnoguy' can bring out the creative power of the unconscious mind and the audience might find they are more than what they think they are. But - rest assured, they can find themselves being 'the star' without losing their dignity and jobs!

The Hypnoguy has been honing his entertainment skills for 12 years and holds a diploma in clinical hypnotherapy and a diploma in advanced clinical hypnotherapy.

Tony supports a number of schools, sports clubs and other worthy organisations, so if you would like a hilarious fundraiser contact Tony now to discuss available dates and details.

If you would like your event to be a night that will be remembered long after everyone else's are forgotten, book now and make sure you and your group take advantage of seeing this 'Master Entertainer in full flight!'



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  • Master Stage Hypnotist.
  • Experienced & Entertaining.
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